Thursday, March 15, 2012 Is Having an Easter Egg Hunt!

Head on over to and try your luck at finding an Easter Egg.. Inside the eggs are prizes and giftcards!! They are also going to be putting a a NEW iPad inside one of those pretty little easter eggs... Search there recent blog posts for a better chance at finding one. It took me a little while but I finally found one by just staying on one blog post and kept refreshing! They will be putting up eggs randomly everyday from Now until Easter. You can find 1 egg per day and also a total of 3 eggs and 1 Golden egg for the whole promotion. Also don't forget to go over to there Facebook Page so you can stay on top of the updates.. they will keep you updated on how many eggs are left and also tips to help you find them so you can win some free stuff! So get over there and try you luck! Also let them know that crazy4coupons sent you!

Click Here to Start your Egg Search!

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